Our Team

Dr. Sonu Singh

Founder: Dr Sonu Singh is a seasoned medical professional. With around two decades of professional experience spread across clinical, pharmaceutical and publishing industry. She has worked with pharma giants Weith, Pfizer and Allergan.

Formerly Associated with Thieme Medical Publishers and Wolters Kluwer, she has been responsible for setting up the publishing vertical, strategy formulation and its execution with respect to product development, product life cycle management & business development initiatives. Having thorough exposure in revenue management, market development & expansion, new product launch and marketing for various print & digital products categories She envisages the Indian medical fraternity contributing to the global need of good content and wishes to establish Salubris as the most sought after resource bank for quality academic content for health professionals.

Manish Choudhary

Publishing Director: With more than a decade of Managing key publishing projects at Cambridge University Press (CUP), McGraw Hill and Thieme, he heads our team of commissioning editors and publishing mangers. He has worked with eminent academicians , health science professionals and scientists from the premier institutions and universities. He has worked with eminent scientists and academicians including Prof M S Swaminathan (Known as Father of Green Revolution in India).

Bhupendra Singh

Head – Administration and facilities: Having worked for Oxford University Press for more than 3 decades, Mr Bhupendra Singh is well versed with the needs and challenges of setting up office and administration services for smooth back end operations. His understanding of the needs of employees in a publishing company makes him analyise situations and provide solutions. With him being a part of our team we can ensure 24 hours of uniterrupted office hours.

Kamini Bora

Marketing Head: Kamini joins our board as a young marketing professional. With over 8 years of marketing experience and being a business annalyist ranging from books to value added services, she brings with her the ability to understand the positioning of any product. In her hands, each product is an individual project and she ensures that it gets the required visbility across all mediums.

Dr. Ankesh Rawat

Medical Illustrator: Dr. Ankesh Rawat has done his bachelors in medicine & surgery ( MBBS ) Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra. Currently he is woking as a Resident Physician, Intenal Medicine at Medanta, Gurugram India.