Beauty consciousness and application of herbs to enhance and maintain its longevity has been our quest since ancient times. Every human being irrespective of the gender desires to have an everlasting youthfulness in its overall existence. Ayurveda emphasizes on internal and external beauty by freeing the body of ‘ama’ (toxins), restoring cellular nutrition and balancing ‘doshas’. These rejuvenation therapies help an individual transform from within to become naturally beautiful and attractive.

As our beauty is not limited only to physical appearance but also extends to our mental and spiritual level, Ayurveda integrates the involvement of this mental and spiritual well-being with the concept of beauty. Our outer beauty thus is an outcome of beauty that comes from living a peaceful and meaningful life, with daily self-care, as well as a peaceful, enriched inner self.

At tattva, our integrated team of aesthetic professionals and Ayurveda experts are committed to bring ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies that helps to enhance the overall appearance of an individual. Our products are strictly designed and customized as per individual requirements, and while developing them, we consider age/gender/genetic predisposition and nature of work of an individual.

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